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Gwen Gigi Gray: Queen Of The Week!

Summer Retreat 2017 - June 24, 2017

June 24, 2017

Benbrook, Texas


"My Soul Thirsts For YOU..."

Spring Retreat 2017 - March 11, 2017


Winter Spiritual Retreat 2017 - January 23, 2017

"My Soul Thirsts For You" Spiritual Retreat

January 21, 2017

Benbrook, Texas


Gigi's Spiritual Retreats - October 29, 2016

Gigi's Small Group Retreats

Chapter One of The Soul Of a Woman Series

"My soul thirsts for you..."

October 2016 Retreat

Mineral Wells, Texas

Co-Host Abundant Life Christian Ministries Church



Gigi's Spiritual Retreats

We provide the time & space.

God ALWAYS provides the grace.

2014 Appreciation Luncheon - April 30, 2014


I thank God for these awesome women. Each one uniquely making a difference in God's Kingdom program. May God continue to bless, protect, and use them mightily. ~Gigi

Gigi's Summer Retreat 2013 - September 3, 2013


 The Honey Project presents Gigi's Spiritual Retreat 2013

~Brokenness To Breakthrough: A Woman's Life In The First Chair~

August 16-18, 2013

As always, this ministry endeavors to answer the question:

"Can one woman make a difference?"

I'm encouraged by the sisters the Lord brings my way, and the answer is always "Yes."

Live like you're blessed,my friends ~Gigi

"I Got Issues!" (Mother's Day Special) - May 12, 2013

"I Got Issues!" (Mother's Day Special!)


Hi Family,

I want to take a minute to wish all the DIVAs in my village...

Happy Mother's Day!!! 

Or is it?

I don't have to remind you that this time of year can be bittersweet.

And you don't have to look TOO FAR to see...

that we women have "A Few Issues" about Mother's Day.

Do any one of these mothers look familiar?


  • I know Moms who spend the day crying over rebellious children... 

         and Moms sitting beside kids who spend more time in hospital beds than on the playground.

  • There are some "Village Moms" who invest LOTS of time, love, and money in other peoples' children...

         And others who have not yet moved passed the ache of wanting a child of their own.

  • There are those who are reminded that their Mother is no longer living...

          and Moms with children who died too soon.

  • And lets not overlook the Moms who've spent a good part of their lives helping their kids realize their dreams...

         all the while watching their own dreams wither away.

 See? We got ISSUES.

 But, instead of dwelling on whatever challenging issue that may be on our plates, I gotta say, I still look forward to this time of year!

My Mom, sisters, daughters, nieces and various other DIVAs usually make a weekend of crazy celebrations.

Breakfasts and shopping and gifts and lunches and movies and plays and dinners and pampering! 

Whoo! We love it!

Our issues are still there...

We just use this time to remind each other that issues always seem to work out.

We lean on each other...and on our faith...

And by the time Mother's Day is over, our strength is restored.


So today, I say again to all of you: "Happy Mother's Day!"

We aren't the FIRST women to have issues...and we won't be the LAST.

In fact, even Jesus met a woman who had an issue... for twelve years:

      "and a certain woman, having an issue of blood twelve years, 

       and many things having suffered under many physicians,

      and having spent all that she had, and having profited nothing,

      but rather having come to the worse, 

      having heard about Jesus,

      having come in the multitude behind,

      she touched his garment,

      for she said If even his garments I may touch, I shall be saved;

      and immediately

      was the fountain of her blood dried up,

      and she knew in the body that she hath been healed of the plague. 

      And immediately

      Jesus having known in himself that out of him power had gone forth,

      having turned about in the multitude, said,

      Who did touch my garments?’ 

      and his disciples said to him,

      ‘Thou seest the multitude thronging thee,

      and thou sayest, Who did touch me!’ 

      And he was looking round to see her who did this, 

      and the woman,

      having been afraid, and trembling,

      knowing what was done on her, came, and fell down before him,

      and told him all the truth,

     and he said to her,

     Daughter, thy faith hath saved thee;

     go away in peace, and be whole from thy plague. "

     Mark 5:25-34 (Young's Literal Translation)

Sending you love, my DIVAs.

And praying for you to experience PEACE and WHOLENESS this Mother's Day.

Respect & Love.



Queen Jerri Fondren! - May 5, 2013



Gigi: Family, as always, Gigi's Music loves to highlight ordinary women who have been a constant source of encouragement, stability, and hope to others. To kick off the month of May, it is my honor to present to you our Queen of the week, Jerri Fondren! Congratulations, Queen Jerri!

Jerri: Hello Gigi, I must say that this is an honor to be the Queen of the week.

Gigi: You are welcome, my sister! Ready to share a little info about Queen Jerri? :-D

Jerri: Sure, Gigi!
I was born in and a native of Memphis, Tennessee it will always be home.
I was raised in Malvern, Arkansas where I graduated high school.
I attended Arkansas Baptist College and Capitol City Business College with a major in Business. And I've live in Dallas, Texas now for 24 years.

Gigi: Well, I definitely think that qualifies you as a Texan after 24 years! Wear your boots with pride, my friend! LOL! Is there any family you'd like to say hello to?

Jerri: Yes, I'd like to show love to my two wonderful children and my 11 year old grandson! :-)

Gigi: Great! Now... you are very active in church ministry, am I right?

Jerri: Well yes, I've been in ministry for most of my life.
I am a member of Friendship West Baptist Church where I serve as the Lead for DISCOVER Children's Drama Ministry Pre-K through 5th grade.
I'm also a part of the Mass Choir as well as a Praise Team Member.

Gigi: Very cool, indeed. How did you get your start in church ministry?

Jerri: Both my mother and father were Gospel vocalists.
My mother and her 5 sisters were "The Woods Sisters Gospel Singers of Malvern, Arkansas" and they traveled all over to sing.
My father and his 7 brothers were "The Fondren Brothers of Batesville, Mississippi".
So as you can see singing is a part of who God created me to be.
I grew up singing in church, and when traveling with my parents they would always allow me to sing.
I began singing at the age of 5, and by the age of 12 I was writing poetry, songs and what we call sermonettes. It was at the age of 12 when I was also called into ministry.

Gigi: How very interesting! I remember church sermonettes well! A lot of souls were saved during revivals where they were preached during those simpler times.
Jerri, you have such an awesome, distinctive, voice that never fails to draw in the listener. Is there a certain genre that's your favorite?

Jerri: I am a music lover, Gigi. I've been gifted to sing opera and I have 7-part harmony vocal range. I sing Jazz and Gospel too. heart belongs to God, as He is the giver of my gifts and talent.

Gigi: Your love and gift is quite evident every time you're on the stage, believe me. But I also know there's more to your story...

Jerri: Well, Gigi, to say I'm no stranger to illness would be an understatement.

Gigi: How so? I know of one particular incident...there are others?

Jerri: Maybe a few people know of God showing his amazing grace towards me as a child. My spiritual journey began before I could even talk. At the age of 6 months, the doctors handed me back to my parents after diagnosing me with pneumonia, and told them there was nothing they could do... they sent me home to die. But, Gigi, I had a praying family... a family who loved me and did everything to save my life and the result is that I am here 53 years later to tell my story.

Gigi: What a mighty God we serve! Even today I want to praise him for what he's done for you!

Jerri: But that's not all, Gigi.
19 years ago I was on my way to work; and I had a faint feeling come over me. I was working in Lewisville, and my commute time was about 45 minutes. I'd just gotten on I-35 and about 20 minutes from my exit, I began to feel a pull at my heart. I kept driving, and once I arrived, I told my manager that I needed to go back home because I wasn't feeling well. She asked me what was wrong and I could not quite explain it to her. So she had someone to come and check my blood pressure. The first time it was taken the reading was 210/100.
They took it again and the second reading was 230/110.
Finally they called the paramedics and upon their arrival they took my pressure and it had reached 280/130! The attending paramedic looked at me and told me there is no way that you should be alive at this moment. I was admitted to the hospital where I spent 27 days.... those were the longest 27 days of my life. After being released, I spent another 30 days at home before being released to return to my normal activities. I tell you it was Nothing but the grace of GOD.

Gigi: Wow, Jeri..... What a profound testimony...

Jerri: Gigi, can I please share one more?

Gigi: Please do! This forum was created to encourage women who are going through difficulties that may be emotional, spiritual OR physical. Please go right ahead!

Jerri: There are many stories that I can tell you; how the enemy has come up against me...but I serve a God who is so wonderful that He has spared my life over and over again.

10 years ago, I was faced with a sickness that disfigured the right side of my face. I lost the function of my facial muscle for 3 years or so.
When asking the doctor would my face return to normal he told me most likely not. He stated that the good news was that my case was the best he'd ever seen, but in order to regain full function, I would require surgery.
But this is my praise report: I did not have to have the surgery for my facial muscle or to correct the crookedness of my mouth or eye...
And for these blessings, I am grateful to my Lord and Savior for His goodness and mercy!
You cannot image waking up and looking in the mirror to find that your face is so twisted until you can't recognize who you are.
God restored me..and for that my praise belongs to Him!

Gigi: I am praising Him with you, my Queen! Truly our help comes from the Lord! Thank you so very much for sharing this.
Do you have a favorite scripture that brings you strength on you journey, my friend?

Jerri: Gigi, my favorite scripture is John 3:16:
"For God so Love the world that He gave his only begotten Son;
that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish,
but they shall have everlasting life.

And I want to add that the song that I love on your cd is "Jehovah Shammah":
"In the morning I rise just to praise Your name
At the close of the day I do the same,'cause
When I come to You in secret prayer
There's no fear 'cause I know You are there Jehovah......"

Gigi: John 3:16 is one of my foundational favorites as well. And I'm deeply honored that "Jehovah Shammah" helps to usher you into the Secret Place. That's very humbling for me...

Gigi: Jerri, I know that you are a Playwright, having produced two Gospel Stageplays "Mirror Mirror" in 2010, and "How Can I Ease The Pain" in 2012. What are your future plans, my friend?

Jerri: If God says the same, I will be doing an encore production of both plays in September of 2013. And because He has been so good to me, my goal is to work and complete my first Gospel CD in 2013-2014.

Gigi: Awesome. We'll all be looking forward to that!

Gigi: I sincerely thank you for your openness today. I know others will be encouraged by your Glory Story. Any last words for our friends?

Jerri: Gigi I would like to finally say that there are so many things we go through from day to day; but I've learned that If we would keep our focus on God He will truly lead us.
(In all things acknowledge Him and He will direct our path.)
Much Love!

Gigi: Thank you, Jerri, my friend.

And family, as always, if you know of anyone who you think should be honored as our Queen of the Week, email me at

Respect&Love, Gigi

All Queens Bow To The KING OF KINGS - March 24, 2013

Queen Vickie Williams! - March 11, 2013



Gigi: Family, please welcome to Gigi's Music our new Queen...

Queen Vickie Williams! 
Everybody say "Hi Queen Vickie!"

Vickie: Lol... Hi, Gigi...and thank you so much for this honor.

Gigi: You are welcome my friend! The honor is indeed mine. You have a unique Life Story to share...and I thank you for being willing to do that. But first, please... tell our family a little about your history.

Vickie: Well, I am the oldest of five children... and a graduate of O. D. Wyatt High School in Fort Worth, Texas, class of 1976. Go Chaparrals! 

I am married to a wonderful man, Derek V. Williams, who is a graduate of P.L. Dunbar, home of the "Wildcats".

Gigi: Oh yeah...! Hi, Derek! :-D

Vickie: Lol, yes, he's great. :-)  

Gigi: I'm sorry, know I always gotta recognize Stop Six! LOL! Please...continue.

Vickie: That's okay... :-)
I am also the mother of two handsome sons, Chris and Marcus. I'm currently an IT Manager at a law firm; I'm a mother-in-law, a MeeMee , sister, sister in law, aunt, niece , cousin and  a grateful child of God.

Gigi: Sweet. What about your spare time...what do you like to do?

Vickie: I really enjoy photography, computers, learning about family history and collecting old photos.

Gigi: Very cool. Thank you for sharing that with us. have a daughter as well. A beautiful girl, Dominique Nicole Hurd, affectionately known as Nicky, whose life was cut short at the age of nineteen...

Vickie: O, my beloved daughter Nicky, who I miss so much...

Gigi: I know that Nicky...was a typical American Sweetheart:  

  • Eastern Hills High School graduate, class of 1997
  •  honor student
  • Junior Varsity, Varsity, and All-American Cheerleader
  • Homecoming Queen
  •  Senior Class Favorite
  •  founder of The High Steppers
  •  member of the Science Club
  •  listed in Who's Who Honor Recipients
  • student at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff majoring in Mass Communication...

Gigi: There are no words to communicate the profundity of such a loss, my sister...!
If I may have you survived the loss of this precious child?

Vickie: is a tremendous pain that you could never imagine. 
I lost my mind for a minute. When your child dies...a part of you dies too.

Gigi: Sis, because we are all connected in the spirit...even today... I weep with you. 
Romans 12: 15 has indeed been my experience while editing our interview.

Vickie: Gigi,  I used to use a towel to dry the tears from my eyes because Kleenex tissue would not hold up. 

Gigi: How? How have you moved forward, Queen? 
With this blog, we try to be as honest and transparent as we can be. But even as someone who might profess to be a devout Saint of the Most High God, this would be considered a deal breaker to some women. 

Vickie: Gigi....
One day...I asked God to just PLEASE comfort my heart and HE DID! 
Then I began to be grateful to God for letting me be her mom...and I began to thank him for all the time that we had together. My favorite scripture is this:
"Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, 
whose MIND is STAYED on THEE, 
because he trusteth in thee."   (Isaiah 26:3)

Gigi: Hallelujah! (tears) Glory to You, Oh God! The Healer of our shattered souls!

Vickie: And in case you want to know... My favorite song  from your Honey For Queens cd is "I SURRENDER ALL/AWESOME"!

Gigi: Queen Vickie, today you have strengthened my resolve to fight on! Just when you think you have faith...God...shows you FAITH. Thank you for sharing your life with us, my friend. And may God continue to bless you and your beautiful family. 
Any last words for our friends?

Vickie: I want your friends to know that God has given me peace in this new life without Nicky. No matter what you may go through, life goes on. I've set my goals for the retire and travel abroad. I would like to encourage anyone reading my story to just be sincere and honest with God...and get to know him for yourself! 

Gigi: Thank you, Queen. 

Family, do you know someone who should be our Queen Of The Week? 
Send me an email about her to:
Respect & Love, 

Queen Katherine Peace Robertson! - March 4, 2013

Gigi: Family, please welcome this week's Queen, Dunbar High School Alum, Class of 1976....Queen Katherine! Hi Kat!
Kat: Gigi, hi! Blessings in the name of our Lord!
Gigi: Blessings to you, as well, my friend. Can you lay down a little background info about you for our friends?
Kat: Sure! My name is Katherine Peace Robertson...
I'm the second child of seven children born and raised in Fort Worth Texas by my parents A.F. and Ela Peace. I was raised in a faith-based home, and attended Mayfield Missionary Baptist Church for many years. As you know, I graduated from Dunbar High School...
Gigi: Yes, indeed! Class of 1976....the greatest class to grace the hallowed halls of Paul Laurence Dunbar. I be a Wildcat! Who be YOU! LOL!
Kat: Girl, you're still crazy! Lol!
Gigi: Hey, just showing some Stop Six love, that's all. :-)
What road did you take after Dunbar?
Kat: Well, it took me a bit to get a footing on what exactly I was going to do with my life... I Got Married/Got Divorced.. Stumbled around... went on to work in various fields...
Then the man who would soon be my Husband walked into my life..and it's been 34yrs of bliss ever since....
Gigi: Wow. How did meeting your husband change your life like that?
Kat: I found the power of love.
Being unconditionally loved by this wonderful man has really given me time to focus on the more important things in Life:
Giving of one's self to the loving~sharing~caring of others.
Learning how God had the plan all the time.
Allowing God be the head of my life and for Him to have His will and way!

All the while... enjoying/meeting/sharing the Good News of the Lord with many new/different/exciting people as I run my Antique and Gently Used Business.
Life is good.
Gigi: Very cool, my friend.
I too, can attest to the power of love. I once wrote about how the opposite of LOVE is NOT HATE, but FEAR. Women sometimes make choices we later regret based on our fear of some unknown thing that COULD happen in our lives.
Then I learned this:
"There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love." (1John 4:18)
I like that. "Perfect love DRIVES OUT fear."
And the Only One who is the picture-perfect image of Perfect Jesus Christ.
And believe me when I tell you He can drive out anything we get tangled up in.
Awesome. :-D
Kat: Yes, Gigi! That's why I just love sharing the word of God! It is so powerful, comforting, and life-changing. You just can't read or study it... (with the help of the Holy Spirit) and not be changed.
Gigi: Queen Kat you are known for sharing your readings on Facebook...
Kat: Sharing is just a natural part of this journey! Whether we share pain, sorrow, distress, joy or happiness... God's word always has something new to encourage you and keep you. Gigi, my favorite song on your cd is "Honeycomb"(Healing By Studying). For me, there is nothing like the Word of God!
Gigi: I've read the responses to your Facebook posts. You seem to lighten the burdens of so many people.

Kat: Everyone needs a big hug or uplifting and encouragement along the way...
It encourages MY heart also. I thank God for the opportunity to share His love daily on Facebook. :-)
Gigi: Thank you so much for sharing your life, Queen Kat. We appreciate what you do. Gigi's Music always ask our Queens to give closing words of encouragement to our readers... what would you like to say to our friends to help them along the way?
Kat:  My encouragement to the other Queens is this:
Wherever you are in life right now..always remember you have a purpose far greater than your situation or circumstance. Read 1Corinthians 13 and Praise God through it All!
Ask God First and live life according to God's purpose; for greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.
You are who God says you are : 
So Go Forth Daughters of the King....
Love you, Queens!!!
Gigi: Family, Do you know someone who should be our Queen Of The Week? If you do, send me an email to: with her name, a photo, and your reason why she should be chosen.

And remember: “A Queen is a Queen…no matter WHERE she’s from.”

Smooches! ;-D

Queen Fannie Lou Hamer - February 24, 2013

Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer:

  • Sharecropper's daughter.
  • 8th grade education.
  • Civil Rights Activist/Hero.

Go to to learn more about this incredible woman.

Black History. Never forget.


Queen Marguerite Cooper! - February 17, 2013



Gigi: Marguerite, congratulations on being crowned our Queen Of The Week! Please share with us.. who is Marguerite? 

Marguerite: Hi, Gigi. Thank you for this honor! Well, I am a native of Cleveland, Ohio, currently living in Fort Worth, Texas. 

I am a psalmist and evangelist, songwriter, poet and lyricist and I’m aspiring to become a jazz Christian artist. I LOVE “BOPsody” by the way. It’s definitely my style. ;-) 

G: Thank you, sis. I’m happy you’ve been blessed by my music! Now, can you give our Queens a little more info about you, my friend? 

M: Well…I’m married, for the second time, to a wonderful man of God. We’ve been married for 19 years, and between the two of us we have 7 grown children and 11 beautiful grandchildren!

I had a twin who passed away last year; she was the only one out of all of my 14 siblings who supported me in everything I did, especially my music. She reminded me so much of my mother, who constantly encouraged me to keep going… letting me know that I can make it no matter what I put my mind to. 

Gigi: Marguerite, you are a Queen who genuinely cares for the mental and spiritual welfare of God’s people, and I know music is an important part of your life.  How long have you been involved in music? 

M: My parents birthed 15 gifted and talented children who, for the most part, were musically inclined in some way. My mother was a homemaker who could play the guitar and sing, and my father was Director of one of the NAACP chapters. That’s how I began singing in front of crowds. In fact, I was just a teen when the reverend at the neighborhood church we attended, asked my parents for permission to take me to a men’s correctional facility to sing once a month.  

Gigi: So, you grew up in the church? 

M: Though I was made to attend church, I wasn’t a church girl.

 I didn’t even know what it was to be saved, and didn’t come to the Lord until my late 30’s. I DID understand, at an early age, that God was directing me and knew He wanted to use me for His glory. Before I knew anything about spiritual things, I felt something special in me...tugging at me…and guiding me. 

G: Umm Hmm. That “tugging” seems to be a common expression among the Saints. And God confirms the fact that He “draws” us when He says in scripture “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them up at the last day.”(John 6:44)


M: After graduating from high school I got pregnant, got married, moved to different Air Force bases, lived the life of a neglected and mentally abused housewife, needed to find something productive to get involved in, so I decided to dabble in theatre productions on the base.  

Little did I know this was the catalyst for the rest of my life.  

Gigi: Whew! that's a lot of living in a nutshell, Sister! But explain to us how theatre changed your life? 

M: Well, some years later, while living in Spokane, Washington, I joined a band and started traveling from state to state singing. The band I was in had lots of groupies, who followed us after each gig to house parties. With all the drugs, drinking and smoking going around, I would literally sit in a chair just looking and meditating. I might have been IN the scene, but the scene wasn’t in ME. EVEN THEN I KNEW that God was keeping and protecting me. He was truly preserving me. Many of the famous secular artists I met took time out to give me mini mentoring sessions and shared their wisdom, too. 

G: That's because God Is A Keeper! I personally know God’s word is true when it states “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.”(Isa. 26:3)

G: So…when did you make the jump? What caused you to transition to Kingdom Living? Bible Study? Praying grandmother? Revival services?... :-D 

M: Honestly, Gigi…my biggest HURTS AND PAINS came from church folk, which in my opinion, is the deepest cut you can have. My name, Marguerite means pearl.

The pearl is the end result of what it has to endure while being formed into its final state.

When a few grains of sand get trapped inside the oyster shell the oyster secretes a liquid while turning and tossing the sand and the more abrasive the better.

When it’s all done, though, the grains take on a smooth round shape with a beautiful tint.

I’ve been rubbed like sand paper…and there’ll come a time when God will unveil the pearl in me to the world with all my gifting and calling. The sure thing that kind of pain did for me was

  • Build my character
  •  Aimed me in the right direction
  •  Caused me to draw nearer to God.  

So I thank God for my wounds, scars, cuts, burns and bruises, for the Lord taught me to use them as stepping stones to my destiny and I’m grateful!

This may sound corny and cheesy to some, but I say what the Psalmist David said “if I had not been afflicted…”

G: Amen! God uses our Mountain AND Valley experiences to move us forward for His glory. Job said it best, I think: “Though he slay me, yet I hope in him.” 

M: And that’s why my favorite scripture is Ecclesiastes 3:11:

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.” 

G: Beautiful, my friend. So what’s next ministry-wise? What is your vision? 

M:  My goal is one that’s greater than I can even handle!

The Lord blessed me with a vision of a fully staffed and functional worship facility that will not only cater to the Body of Christ in many ways, but facilitate outreach in the surrounding community whether churched or unchurched. This is the legacy I long to create for my children.

G: Marguerite, thank you for your honesty and transparency. Gigi’s Music created Queen Of The Week because truly we all have a story and a testimony. I appreciate you sharing yours. Do you have any final words of encouragement for our family reading this? 

M: Gigi, I don't know who this is for, but I really feel compelled to say:

Don’t be afraid to be who you are called to be.

It’s a travesty to believe in a big God and not believe in yourself, when you are the very image of Him.

You possess treasures that even the angels don’t have.

So many women and young girls suffer from low self-esteem by allowing thieves to rob them of their identities.

It’s never too late to regain your identity and purpose.

Sit down long enough to dream again and learn to push past your pains in order to regain a healthy perspective of where you are.

Life will always come at you another way after the last victory but you must learn to push back.

Don’t grow weary in your well doing for at the proper time, the right season; you will reap a harvest for all your good work if you just don’t faint.

Be encouraged.


Gigi: Family, show Queen Marguerite some love by clicking on the "Let's Talk!" tab and leaving her a comment in my guestbook.

Do you know someone that YOU would like to see crowned as Gigi’s Music Queen Of The Week? Then send me an email to: with her name, a photo, and your reason why she should be chosen.

And remember: “A Queen is a Queen…no matter WHERE she’s from.”

Queen Toya Nicole! - February 10, 2013

Gigi: Queen Toya Nicole, welcome to Gigi's Music. Please, tell us about you!
Toya: Sure, and thank you for choosing me!
I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas and I'm a proud graduate of Paul Laurence Dunbar High School of Science and Engineering Professions. Go WILDCATS!
I attended Texas A&M University and received an MBA from the University of Dallas.
I moved to Chicago, Illinois in 2008, and I currently work in Sales for a major transportation company. I also own my own marketing consulting firm.
Gigi: Go 'head, Fellow-Wildcat! You make us so proud! :-D
Now, in honor of The Week Of Love and Valentine's Day, please share with us what you're passionate about. MY passion is to write words and songs that encourage women. What ignites your passion, daughter?  
Toya: It's my passion to enjoy travel destination at a time. :)
I also enjoy fact, it's one of my favorite things! So to combine two passions, I have a lifestyle and travel blog,, where I write about travel deals, my travel experiences, entertainment, and share a little of my personal life.
Gigi: Beautiful! Have you had a positive response to your travel stories among your readers?
Toya: Yes, and I enjoy encouraging single women to take advantage of their FREEDOM and TRAVEL. There are tons of great travel deals available! I LOVE to travel, and I sometimes do so solo, so blogging about this topic comes very naturally for me.
Gigi: I hear you...and your passion to empower others rings out loud and clear. You have another passion as well that promotes spiritual growth...tell us about that.
Toya: I also work with the Tweens at my church, Fellowship Chicago. I help to coordinate volunteer opportunities for the Tweens to get active in the community. I believe it's very important to teach them the importance of having a "Servant's heart".
Gigi: I'll take a safe bet and say ministering to Tweens comes easily for you. I was well-acquainted with your mother, Nina...a gifted church musician. She was Minister Of Music when I was in the Youth Choir at Sweethome Baptist Church many, many, MANY years ago!!
Toya: LOL! I was BORN in the church! I accepted Christ at 14 yrs old and was baptized by the late Pastor Danny Kirk Sr. God has been first in my life ever since!
Gigi: I know it had to be a struggle to lose your mother at such a young age...
Can you share with us what it was like for you going through that season of loss?
Toya: My mother passed away in 2001, while I was in college at Texas A&M.
It was the hardest thing I've ever been through in my life.

She was my best friend, prayer partner, and the rock of our family.
I was depressed...and didn't know how I could go on after her passing.
Then two months after she passed...I lost my father to prostate cancer.

I felt alone, hurt and confused for months.
It was MY FAITH that pulled me through such a difficult time.
I joined a new church in my college town, connected with a small group bible study and had the prayers, love and support of friends, family and church family.
I drew CLOSER to God during this time, and felt HIS LOVE more than I ever had before.

Gigi: I can attest that there were people praying for you and your family that you may have never MET. We loved your mother...she was a beautiful, dynamically gifted lady who had a God-given voice that could soften the hardest of hearts every time she sang! I miss her, too. Did the remembrance of her love for God help you during the time you were in school?

Toya: The strength, determination, and work ethic that my mother instilled in me and exemplified, kept me pushing to graduate college. When I share my testimony with people they are amazed to see that not only did I survive through those times..I thrived! All Glory to God! "Kept me in the Midst of it all" by Yolanda Adams is my testimony!!!
This is the scripture that reminds me how God has a perfect plan for my life and how I can TRUST that ALL will work out:
     "For I know the plans that I have for you,' declares the L ord ,
      'plans for welfare and not for calamity
      to give you a future and a hope." (Jeremiah 29:11 NASB)
Gigi: That's one of my favorite scriptures as well.
What do you have for your future plans, Toya?
Toya: To live healthy, love boldly, expand my business brand,
travel the world, become a wife and mom.
In short, I want to be a "D.I.V.A." LOL! :-)
Gigi: I kinda knew that song would be your fave. ;-)
Toya, my love, your Glory Story has been quite inspiring. Thank you for sharing your heart...and your passion with us. Any last words of encouragement?
Toya: To the Queens out there...especially singles...
Discover your PURPOSE and live it out EVERY DAY!
Gigi: Awesome.
Thank you, Queen Toya Nicole...and have a great week D.I.V.A.s!
HeartsRoses&ChocolateKisses ;-)

Queen Cathey Olds! - February 3, 2013



Gigi: Hi Cathey! You, my sister, are Gigi's Music Queen of The Week! Congratulations!

Cathey: Thank you so much for choosing me! It’s such an honor!

Gigi: Introduce yourself to our family, my friend.

Cathey: Certainly.  I was born and raised in Texas with a brief stint in California until my parents had the good sense to bring us back to the DFW area in the ‘70’s. LOL! I have a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree, a Master’s in Education and another Master’s in Counseling. I‘m a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and had a wonderful 24 years as an Educational Professional until my struggle with Rheumatoid Arthritis forced me to retire.

Gigi: We became acquainted while you were a Counselor at Dunbar High School in Fort Worth, Texas. Your love for children was truly evident there. You have children of your own, correct? Tell us about them.

Cathey: I have three of the most beautiful and talented daughters, that I love beyond imagination! (I know you can identify with that! I worked with your amazing daughter at DHS for several years and still enjoy watching her successes!)

Gigi: Yes, girl, you know I LOVE my babies. LOL!
So... tell us more, what's your life like presently, my friend?

Cathey: Well, I recently remarried! The Lord brought an amazing Christian man back into my life and I have been reunited with him after 25 years.

Gigi: Wow! Well, congratulations, again! I know your life journey has had some difficult days, so it makes me smile to know you are happy, my sister!
Now... you have chosen to share a little about your SPIRITUAL journey...

Cathey: Yes I have. I wanted to share with your friends that I was previously in an abusive marriage…verbally and physically abusive.

Gigi: Cathey, I know what you've just stated may have come as a surprise to women reading this...especially after having told us your professional and educational background. But you've made a decision to be upfront about the abuse, so I have to ask: "How did you get to that dark place, and how did you come out?"

Cathey: Gigi, "How did I get to that dark place?" Believe me: I'm just an ordinary woman. I was raised in a Christian home and came to the Lord at a very early age. I grew up surrounded by spiritual music. My mother was the Minister of Music at our church in California. I grew up listening to Bible stories from my dear grandmother in a home full of song. I decided to share my story with others in hopes that NO OTHER WOMAN would suffer physical abuse under the guise of LOVE.

Gigi: Amen. One of the reasons I started Queen Of The Week, was to give a voice to ordinary women who can bring insight and encouragement to those who may be going through similar circumstances. Thank you for your openness, Cathey.

Cathey: Once I decided to be strong for my children and myself, the Lord brought people into my life to guide me. I’m thankful for each one. But during my darkest days… when I experienced fear… or felt alone, I gained comfort from the 23rd Psalm:

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:
he leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness
for his name's sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil: for thou art with me;
thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:
thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life:
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

Gigi: Psalm 23 has brought comfort to millions. I'm so glad you were able to draw upon its strength when you needed it most, my friend.

Cathey: And to answer your question "How did I come out?" I had a great deal of help and support when I finally left my abusive marriage. You were among them!

Gigi: I was?

Cathey: Yes. Do you remember? One day you came up to me at Dunbar High School and hugged me and told me I was special and to keep the Lord close and I would be okay. At the time it seemed “out of the blue” as no one knew what I was going through, and your words of encouragement both amazed and inspired me.

Gigi: I'm speechless, my friend. I don't remember the incident, but I AM happy that I was obedient when God told me to open my mouth that day! It just goes to show that we never know who may need just a word of encouragement or a hug to get through a tough time! Step out of your comfort zone and follow the Holy Spirit's lead, my friends! (Ok. Sermon’s over. LOL!)

Gigi: You were diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis around the same time you were seeking help from the abuse, am I right?

Cathey: While I was struggling to move forward, after that painful time, I had a significant health scare and was told I only had a few months to live. I put my life into God’s hands AGAIN, and have gratefully been told it is just complications of RA. I am still battling that challenge, with the knowledge that I am still here for a reason!

Gigi: Indeed you are!

Cathey: With a chronic illness I see lots of doctors who are always pushing a pharmaceutical remedy! I know I have to take some of the medicine they prescribe but I limit them to what’s absolutely necessary for my health and well-being. That's why "Z-Free" is my favorite song on the Honey for Queens CD! "Z-Free" reminds me that my health depends on the Great Physician... rather than the earthly ones.

Gigi: All I can say is "Hallelujah" to that! That's what the songs are created help HEAL! Again I say, "Hallelujah!"

Gigi: Tell us: what’s ahead for you, Queen? What are your plans for the future?

Cathey: I plan to enjoy my retirement, my children, husband, parents and health! I am an artist at heart and love to make things beautiful. I draw, paint and make ceramics. I want to continue to make beautiful things to give to the people I love. I’d love to volunteer and work with young people again and I’m just waiting for the right opportunity.

Gigi: You have my prayers, Queen. Thank you so much for sharing a glimpse of your life with us today. Any last thought for the Queens reading your story?

Cathey:  Just this:

Abuse can happen to anyone, no matter your education, financial status, race or ability. Be brave and ask for help, LEAVE, get yourself and your children to a safe place. There are people and places that are available and want to help! Ask for help, trust the Lord. You deserve love and happiness because you are a Queen, too!

Gigi: Thank you, Cathey. Keep enjoying the journey my friend, and enjoy your reign this week! And to the Queens reading her story…if you are a victim of domestic violence, PLEASE…GET HELP! Visit and find out everything you need to know to get a happy ending to YOUR story. It may not be EASY…but for YOU…and your CHILDREN…it will be WORTH IT!!

~Respect&Love, my

Our First Queen Of 2013! - January 20, 2013

Happy Holidays! - December 10, 2012

Hi Family,
It's time to prep for the holidays, so our QUEEN OF THE WEEK submissions will resume the FIRST SUNDAY IN JANUARY.

In our family, this is the time of the year when we
have our annual Wilma's Girl's Only Slumber Party,
feed the...
prepare for our annual Gran'maw Murphy Bakeoff,
practice for our annual family Talent Show,
help Texas T's Catering with all the extra gigs,
and just generally share LOVE.

Share with us what YOUR family traditions are! :-D

Whatever you do, remember as you reflect on your life, the GOOD usually far outweighs the celebrate LIFE!

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah! ~Respect&Mistletoe ;-D Gigi

Queen Lauren Ashley Kenerly! - December 2, 2012



Gigi: Ashley congratulations on being chosen as our Queen Of The Week! Please introduce yourself to our friends. :-)

Ashley: Awesome! I am a Fort Worth Native.  Graduated from Southwest High School and went on to Midwestern State University to be a news anchor, but was persuaded by Gwen “Gigi” Gray to not let my musical talent and heritage go to waste.  I changed my major to music education.  I have now been teaching elementary music for three years and LOVE IT! 

Gigi: You were listening when I shared that with you? LOL! To be honest,  I didn't know if you remembered that Spirit-led conversation! What a pleasant surprise! 

Ashley: That change was one of the best decisions of my life!!  Music is not only my job, it is also my ministry. 

Gigi: Ashley, you have such a strong, powerful legacy of music on both sides of your family, and you've definitely inherited the gift of music. It's no surprise at all that you would find satisfaction by walking in it.  I know some may view you as surprisingly young to be established in your faith...can you share a little about your Life Journey so far?

Ashley: I GREW UP in church...and came to know the Lord at a very young age.  However I began to WALK with the Lord on July 4, 2009 on a missionary trip with a group called The Impact Movement.  (

Gigi: How did The Impact Movement change your relationship with Christ?

Ashley: As I traveled from state to state meeting people from every walk of life, I realized that the best way to show and share the love of Christ is to LIVE IT OUT in my own life. So now, I not only enjoy leading praise and worship at my church, I also look forward to oppuritunities to share the Gospel with new people I meet.

Gigi: How excellent! Now: what do you do for fun, young Queen?

Ashley: Lots! My hobbies are karaoke, writing, watching movies, bowling, and my favorite: EATING! 

Gigi: You are hilarious! Good thing you inherited your Mom's metabolism, too! LOL! As far as music is concerned, which song on the H4Q is your favorite?

Ashley: My favorite song on the CD changes every week!  This week my favorite is Jehovah Shammah. It's so encouraging to know that God is always there no matter what life brings our way. However,  I LOVE hearing my niece sing Bopsody around the house!  So cute!

Gigi: Ashley, thank you for sharing your world with us. We wish you many blessings in your future, and pray your life journey will continue to be a fruitful one. Any concluding words, Beauty?

Ashley: If I could give a few words of encouragement to other women it would be that "It’s never too late to start over with God." 
Don’t let your circumstances distract you from the calling God has on your life.  Always seek HIS will FIRST and everything else will fall into place. 

Gigi: Thank you, Queen Ashley. Enjoy your week, okay?
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And remember: “A Queen is a Queen…no matter WHERE she’s from.” 

Queen Stephanie JG Royal! - November 25, 2012



Gigi: Queen Stephanie. Woww… I remember when you were BORN! Now look at you: a beautiful, strong, woman of God. Congratulations on being crowned our QUEEN OF THE WEEK!

Steph: I am so Honored. :-D

Gigi: The honor is mine, daughter. Tell us about you.

Steph: Yes, ma’am. I was born in Columbia, South Carolina to Joseph & Jacqueline Gray. After I graduated from South Carolina State University with a BS in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, I received my commission in the US Army in May of 2001. I’m married to Christopher Royal and we were blessed with our son Christopher Royal II on February 29, 2008.

Gigi: You’re currently a Major in the US Army, correct?

Steph: Yes. I have deployed to Iraq three times and I’m currently stationed at Fort Hood, TX.

Gigi:  May I ask what prompted you to join the Army?

Steph: My Dad retired from the Army, and his Dad served in the Navy. I guess it’s a family affair! LOL!

Gigi: I think it must be challenging to be a wife, mother, and career Army. What’s it like to be female and military?

Steph: It’s difficult. But it’s our duty and a privilege to serve…and to serve WELL. I can say I AM grateful that I don’t look like what I have been through! It’s not easy being separated from a husband and child while deployed. My husband and I are learning marital lessons daily, and we’re dealing with PTSD in my family and the Soldiers I work with. Each day is different and you never know what you are going to get. BUT GOD.

Gigi: We applaud you for your many years of dedicated service, daughter. We pray constantly for you and for all those serving our country. I may not necessarily support the WAR, but I ALWAYS support the WARRIOR. Do you have a church that you connect with?

Steph: Yes, ma’am. I’m a member of Unity Baptist Church in Copperas Cove, Texas where Richard Lewis, Jr is the Pastor. I serve as a Church Greeter, in the Women's Ministry, and am a Minister's Wife.

Gigi: You are definitely busy, Queen!

Steph: Yes. LOL… This is definitely a busy season for me! But when I’m not at work or church, doing homework or helping my son with homework, I enjoy reading, music  (I love your song D.I.V.A.!!) and playing with my son. I also support my husband with , a foundation helping the victims of the Fort Hood Shooting and their families. Spare time doesn’t come too often! I cannot wait for this busy season to be over.

Gigi: You know, it sounds like if you aren’t anchored, life could be overwhelming at times…

Steph:  I have found myself saying the serenity prayer several times a day here lately…

 “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;

courage to change the things I can;

and wisdom to know the difference.”

…And I have a scripture that I guess you could say keeps me “anchored”:

'Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding.

In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.' Proverbs 3:5-6

My strength definitely comes from my faith in God!

Gigi: You are an inspiration, daughter.  Future plans?

 Steph: I hope to have a baby girl someday! LOL!I want to finally finish school, retire from the Army, get back into Speech-Language Pathology, and travel the world.  It would also be nice to relax and finish a book in a week!

Gigi: Alright! I’m gonna be praying for that! LOL! Queen (Major) Stephanie, thank you for sharing your world with us. Any final words of encouragement for our Queens reading your story?

Steph:  Just a few:

Be grateful that this Queen (you) do not look like all that you have been through. As I am sure that we all have been through a lot.  As we tread our stepping stones to victory, learn from it all, and know that only by God's grace have we made it thus far and as we continue to press, We Win! "Stay Rugged!"


Gigi: Thank You, Queen Stephanie!

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And remember: “A Queen is a Queen…no matter WHERE she’s from.”

Queen Helen Schultz Reed! - November 18, 2012

Gigi: Queen Helen! My Friend, my Sistah! I've known you since childhood. Congratulations on being chosen as our Queen Of The Week!
Helen: Thanks so much for choosing me. God has given you such a wonderful ministry...there are so many women that need this, that's why God chose you and gave this ministry to such a strong, beautiful, powerful woman-GiGi....and YOU CAN SANG TOO GIRL!!!!
Gigi: You make me smile, girl. I'm so happy other women understand what I'm trying to do and say. I know the package is a little different, but the message remains the same: "Jesus Loves YOU!" So thank you for the kind words. :-) Queen Helen...tell our friends about YOU. Your journey has been special, to say the least...
Helen: Well Gigi, I can't talk about my journey without mentioning my battle with breast cancer. I am truly blessed. It's been an eleven-year fight, but I truly believe God brought me TO bring me THROUGH that I may be there for others. He just keeps on doing great things for me and keeps placing ladies in my path to encourage and to help them fight. I know He is still in the healing business.
Gigi: I can't agree more. It's a fact that not only has educating women about self-breast exams and early detection saved countless lives, but so has emotional and spiritual support, thanks to women like you! You are indeed a survivor!
Helen:This is how I feel: I'm thankful. I thank God that He has allowed me to see my children Janae & Jamaal reach adulthood, and then He gave me an EXTRA blessing with my 5 beautiful grands (I call them my Angels) Skylin, Syncere, Jamaiya,Jamaal Jr & Caleb. So I'm going to keep doing the work I promised to God, by helping those fighting The Battle of Breast Cancer.
Gigi: What are your hobbies, Helen? What do you like to do in your spare time?
Helen: I love to read, cook, entertain, serve and volunteer. I like music, and my favorite song on your cd is I wanna be a DIVA !!!
Gigi: Yep. That song does remind me of you! LOL! My sister, thank you so much for an encouraging, uplifting interview. Any final thoughts that you'd like to share with our HONEY FOR QUEENS family?
Helen: Just this: God wants good things for us; He wants us to LIVE and BE HAPPY.
My favorite scripture is Phil 4:19:
"And my God shall supply all your needs
according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."
I know He will take care of you, so trust God and don't just exist, start LIVING.
I have... and I'm the happiest I've ever been~ to God be the Glory.
Gigi: Thank you, Queen Helen. Have a beautiful week!
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Queen Anita Sykes Marshall! - November 11, 2012


Gigi: Queen Anita...Congratulations on being our Queen Of The Week! You know we've been friends for years, and we've done a lot of growing up together! Praise God! Please share a little about your life journey with our Gigi's Music family...
Anita: Thank you for selecting me, I'm honored! As for my life journey, I grew up in a Christian home; grateful for the legacy my parents set for me. However, my real life began on July 12, 1981, when my name was forever sealed in the Lamb's Book of Life. It was that day that I truly understood the cost of salvation and the amazing grace that had covered me and ultimately saved me from my sin!
Gigi: You always paint such a beautiful picture when you speak, girl! LOL! I can almost see that scene in heaven...awesome! Well, come on, tell us a little about what makes you fly, DIVA!
Anita: I've been married to Gary Marshall for 30 years and we have three wonderful children: Our oldest, Brooke, is married to Brad - the greatest son-n-luv ever! They have three boys. I call them my grand luvs. Then there's Garrett, who is daddy to my two precious grandgirlies. And Jonathan, who is married to Kristy - my sweet daughter-n-luv!
Gigi: What a beautiful blessing, my friend. You are a Sonographer by trade. Give us a peek inside that world...
Anita: I'm blessed that God continues to use me to minister to women - and their families - by letting them "see" their precious baby growing in mommy's belly. I've been performing Ultrasound for over 24 years and it never gets old. Gazing at the precious life that was woven together in the secret place, fearfully and wonderfully made by Him, is one of my greatest rewards. It's an honor, and I "get" to do it!
Gigi: It IS an honor...and I can attest that you have been genuinely gifted in this area. Your patients love you! What else...any hobbies?
Anita: I enjoy photography...and making jewelry when I find spare time. I LOVE to give the pieces of jewelry that I make as gifts, and many times I'll ask Holy Spirit to reveal to me what the piece looks like for that particular person. My most recent endeavor was re-creating pieces of my late grandmother's jewelry into necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that were auctioned at our family reunion. It was a major hit!
Gigi: How original! I'm constantly in awe with the way God uses ordinary people...with our ordinary abilities... to create extra-ordinary ways to showcase His love. Your gratefulness to God always seems to shine through no matter WHAT you do, my friend. I know you have a heart for the spiritual growth of women as do I; any words of encouragement to the other Queens?
Anita: God has allowed me to be involved in various areas of women's ministry, and it brings me great joy to witness certain things. So I'd like to say this:
Holy Spirit CAN uncover the things the enemy would have us keep in darkness about. He shines His powerful Light and leads His beloved daughters to walk in the freedom that Christ died chains, no shackles, no bondage...just freedom to dance in His fields of grace! Can I share my Life Verse?
Gigi: Of course!
Anita: Isaiah 43:1b:
"Fear not,
for I have redeemed you;
I have called you by your name;
You are Mine."
Gigi: Your life is indeed a living testimony. Thank you for granting us this interview. Last thing: you've heard songs from my new cd HONEY FOR QUEENS...SONGS OF HEALING, which one is your favorite?
Anita: If I had to pick a favorite, it would be "I Surrender All/Awesome" because "I Surrender All" was the song that I walked down the aisle to the day that I gave my whole heart to my Heavenly Daddy!
Gigi: Thank you, Queen Anita. You are a beauty inside and out. Enjoy your week. :-)
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And remember: “A Queen is a Queen…no matter WHERE she’s from.”


Queen Sylvia Jean “DUCHESS” Walker! - November 4, 2012

Gigi: Queen Sylvia! I'm so happy to congratulate you as our Queen Of The Week...and Happy Belated Birthday!
Sylvia: Well, thank you! I can't believe it, everybody's been surprising me all week!
Gigi: Yes, I heard about your great surprise birthday party, I'm sorry we missed it. Eighty years old!? You look FANTASTIC!!
Sylvia: LOL! Thank you. Yes, I was born in Kansas City, Kansas on October 26, parents were James and Edith Boykins.
Gigi: Please share with us a little about your life...
Sylvia: I graduated from Sumner High School in Kansas City, Class of 1950, and married my high school sweetheart, Ladell Walker Sr. in July 29, 1950. We were together until he was called home to be with the Lord Sept. 12, 2004.

Gigi: Yes, I loved him... He was a very strong man in the Lord. What a blessing to be together for so many years! Can you tell us about your family?

Sylvia: Ladell and I were blessed with four beautiful, loving children:
Ladell Jr. (deceased), Kim Andre, Tina Clarita, and Robert Earl (deceased).
I love spending time with family… especially the lil great-grands, Chelsea and Justin (smile).

Gigi: I know family is very important to you. A lot of "adopted" family members have so much love and respect for you because you've been such a positive Christian role model. What's your secret to remaining faithful to your belief with so much negativity in the world?
Sylvia: I begin my day with a prayer of thanksgiving and praise to the Father.
I thank Him for all He’s done for me, for my family, my church family, my extended family… and for all those He has put in my life to enable me to better serve Him.
Gigi: So for you, prayer is key...
Sylvia: I strongly believe in the power of prayer. It’s always humbling to be in a spiritual union with the Father… to bow down and worship Him… to be able to intercede for others...
Gigi: You've been a Prayer Warrior for a number of years, correct?
Sylvia: I have been active in the Prayer Cell and Nursing Home ministries at my church, Forest Hill Community Bible Church in Forest Hill Texas, for a long time. My pastor is Wogan Woodard, Sr. I just enjoy being a servant for the Lord.
Gigi: Can you tell us a little about the nursing home ministry?
Sylvia: The nursing home ministry is an outreach ministry that gives me the honor to pray with, read scripture to, share a hug, give a smile, and a kind word, to those that are sick and/or disabled. I am uplifted when I uplift them. It also gives me the opportunity to evangelize those that don’t know the Lord. And it’s just fulfilling and inspiring to go out and serve with my fellow nursing home leader and group.

Gigi: What an active lifestyle you have! I want to be like you when I grow up! LOL!

Sylvia: You know I love you and Terry! I pray for you and your family often...and I really enjoy listening to your new songs. "BOPsody" is my favorite.
Gigi: "BOPsody?!? LOL!! I thought you would say "I Surrender All" or "Jehovah Shammah"...!

Sylvia: Well, I like them all, but I like that "BOPsody" a lot. (smile)

Gigi: Well, alright then, Queen Sylvia! I've had fun talking with you, as always. Your faithfulness is such an inspiration! Any last words of encouragement for the Queens reading this?

Sylvia: I would tell anyone that we have to learn to call on God FIRST. We waste a lot of time by doing things on our own, and when we mess up we think we can fix it, but we can’t. Because even when we THINK we fix things, it wasn’t us, it was Him within us. This is my FAVORITE scripture:
"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart
and lean not to your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him
and He will direct your path." (Proverbs 3:5-6)
When we learn to trust in the Lord, and allow Him to direct us, it makes life so much easier.
Gigi: Wow. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. And congratulations, again for being the Gigi's Music QUEEN OF THE WEEK!

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And remember: “A Queen is a Queen…no matter WHERE she’s from.”
Smooches, Gigi ;-D

Queen Pamela Fittsgill-Harris! - October 28, 2012





Gigi: Congratulations, Pam on being crowned our Queen Of the Week!


Pam: Aww…how sweet to think of me! I don't feel worthy; I share and help where needed because that is what GOD desires of me. Thanks, Gigi for the words of encouragement!

Gigi: Can you share a little about yourself?

Pam: My name is Pamela Fittsgill-Harris. I was born in Fort Worth, Texas to the parentage of Jessie and Jewel Fittsgill, on the infamous day: September 11, a day that will never be forgotten. I attended and graduated from Dunbar High School, Class of 76. I am married to Mark Harris, and I am the proud mother of three wonderful children Tiffany, Christopher and Brandon who have been an inspiration in my life.

Gigi: Thank you for sharing. I know you have a popular following on facebook because of your lively wit when facing day to day challenges…tell us a little about your day.

Pam: Well…Most people know who my hero is… and that’s my dad who is at this time dealing with Alzheimer’s. I pray that a cure is found for this disease. Each time I visit him, he blesses me. He may not know where he is or who I am, but he knows who GOD is.

Gigi: So encouraging, my friend. I know your spiritual life is vitally important to you…

Pam: I am a born again Christian who loves the Lord. My favorite scripture is

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7)


I attend Cooper Missionary Baptist Church, where my pastor is my husband, Pastor Mark Harris.

Gigi: Very cool. So Queen Pam, we see your heart, and we’ve had a peek at your walk…but what do you do for FUN? LOL!

Pam: Oh, I have fun all the time! I went to the play Innocent Grace and saw you sing my favorite song on the Honey For Queens cd: “BOPsody”! I also heard it on KHVN and it was amazing. I like shopping and reading, and MY FIRST grandbaby’s arrival date is November 21, 2012!! A little girl name Brooklyn who I am so excited about!

Gigi; Oh, wow! How exciting! Congratulations, new Grandma! there a final comment that you’d like to share with us?

Pam: I’d just like to say that I love to encourage people that are going through. I believe that there is NO….thing too hard for God. I believe that every day is not a good day, but there is good in every day. Whatever you may be facing in this life, know that in God’s timing he will see you though.

Gigi: Well said, my friend. Enjoy your week, Queen. ;-D

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Smooches, Gigi ;-D

Meet Our First Queen Of The Week! - October 19, 2012


Please say congratulations to Wilma Smith of Fort Worth (Stop Six) Texas,


It is only appropriate for my Mom to be the first Queen chosen. She raised me, inspired me, and is STILL praying for me! In our interview, this is what Queen Wilma had to share:

Gigi: Mommy, congratulations! I know you were excited to hear your name called at the Honey For Queens Cd Release as our first Queen.

Wilma: Yes I was! God is Good!

Gigi: Tell us a little about yourself.

Wilma: Well, I love the Lord, I love my family and I'm so grateful for all my blessings! My favorite color is purple and I love to go shoe shopping! LOL!

Gigi: Are you a member of a church?

Wilma: Yes! I attend New Beginnings International Church, Pastor Don Couch is a great Pastor. I love my church and church family!

Gigi: Is there a favorite scripture that you would like to share with us?

Wilma: My favorite scripture is Psalms 121:1-2: "I will lift up my eyes to the hills—From whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth." I have used this scripture for years to help me through some tough times...and God always come to help me be strong in  ANY situation!

Gigi: Awesome! I know you've had a chance to listen to the H4Q cd...what's your favorite song?

Wilma: I don't even have to think about it! D.I.V.A. is definitely my favorite! I love it! It sounds just like me! LOL! 

Gigi: Great! I'm glad you like it! Thank you for sharing with Gigi's Music and our friends. Do you have a word of encouragement that you would like to share with the other Queens reading this?

Wilma: (pauses) When you pray... believe that God hears you... and will answer your prayer. This is my motto.

Gigi: Great words to live by. Thank you for sharing them, and again "Congratulations!"

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~Gigi ;-D

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