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Gwen Gigi Gray: Soul Music

Love Song (A Testimony)

(Gwen "Gi-Gi" Gray)
March 10, 2005
music & lyrics - Gigi Gray
Love Song (A Testimony)
Matt. 22:37 2-1-04
1 John 4:19(4:19) We love him, because he first loved us.
[Is. 25:4 You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in his distress, a Shelter
from the storm and a Shade from the heat...]
I want to write a love song, but how do I begin?
For since I was a little girl, You've been my very best friend.
You loved me before I knew You... heard me when I called.
But how do I say "I love you"
To the Creator of us all?

I will live my life for You, listening with my heart
I will open up to You, each and every part
I'll be dedicated... to live for you ...
Each and every day
May this my love song please You Jesus, I pray.

I want to sing a love song, but how do I start?
Shall I sing about the healing, when I gave my heart?
You have been a Cool Shelter from the burning heat of my sin
That why I want to say "I love You" again and again...


Towdah: an extension of the hands in adoration and thanksgiving (Ps. 50:14)
Yadah: to worship with extended hand. (2Chr. 20:21)
Tehillah: To sing or to laud; hymns of the spirit. (Ps. 34:1)
Zamar: To pluck the strings of an instrument, to sing, to praise. (Ps. 57:8-9)

This is my love song that I bring to You...
My love song that I sing for You...
My love song
I've got to live it for You
May it please you Jesus, i pray
Because i love You
With all of my heart...
O how I love You...
Because You first loved me.....