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Gwen Gigi Gray: Soul Music

Honeycomb (Healing by Studying) (with lyrics)

(Gwen Gigi Gray)
October 19, 2012
Gigi's Music/(c) 2012 BMI

Honeycomb(Healing by Studying) (4:33)
     (G.Gray/Gigi's Music (C) 2012 BMI

    Drums-L.Ferrell/Keyboards&Key Bass-E.Willis/Bass-R.Rigsby/Guitars-M. Harper/BGVocals-T.Gray


[YOUR WORD] is sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb.

Psalm 19:10


Your Word is sweeter than honey-ey*
Sweeter than honey
Honey from a honeycomb

Your Word is healing me
And it's filling me
Gives me energy
Since You set me free
And when I realized
That it sanctifies
Every day & night
Makes me feel alriiight...

All I wanna do-o
Is live my life in You-oo
Makes me feel so nice
Every time I'm in Your Word
Is like Paradise!

When I took a look
In Your Holy Book
Got the best of me
You said "Taste & see"
Now goodness follows me
Mercy's right here, too
I'm so loved by You....


When I taste and see that Your love is so good
I can see things that I never understood
Now I'm better than I ever thought I'd be
I found life in You and love is here for me
Always thought I knew just what true love could be
Until I realized true love would die for me
Now I'm living life in peace & harmony
Feeling grateful cuz You've been so good to me...