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Gwen Gigi Gray: Soul Music


(Gwen Gigi Gray)
October 19, 2012
Gigi's Music/(c) 2012 BMI

D.I.V.A. (Healing by Striving) (4:21)

(G.Gray/Gigi's Music (C) 2012 BMI

Drums-L.Ferrell/Keyboards&Key Bass-E.Willis/Bass-R.Rigsby/Guitars-M. Harper/BGVocals-T.Gray

"Go home to your own people. Tell them your story-what the master did,
how he had mercy on you." Mark 5:19~The Message

I wanna be a diva.... I wanna be a diva-a....
 I wanna be a diva-a (repeat)

In my life I always wanted to be
 everything that a woman could be;
 Walk this road fearlessly....
 lettin nothing hinder me.
Jesus right by my side,
let him be my loving guide.
Without a doubt I ain't shame to say
I wanna be a D.I.V.A. Hey-hey....
I...wanna be..... I got to be a D......I.V.A.......
Situations trying to turn me around,
 trying to turn my life upside down
Tryina turn my smile into a frown....
till I can't get around.
 But God has been so good to me,
 opened doors for me that I couldn't see.
So with my life here's how I'm gonna repay:
 I'll be a D.I.V.A.

I feel a word comin on...

 I wanna be a dedicated and devoted
 daughter of my Daddy in heaven;
 a doer and not just a hearer....
Able to discern the things of God!

  I wanna be
 an intelligent instrument of God,
never compromising my integrity, nonono

 I said I wanna be!
 A valuable vessel of God...
 Invincible in the visible and the invisible!

I wanna be
 an ambassador of God,
 Letting my actions speak louder than my words
Letting my actions speak louder than my words 

I wannabe a D..I...V....A-A....

I wanna be dedicated
Full of integrity
A valuable ambassador of God