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What Is A Spiritual Retreat?

Posted on October 26, 2016

What Is A Spiritual Retreat?

“A retreat…
is medicine for soul starvation.
It lifts the veils,
dissolves the masks,
and creates space within
for the feelings of forgiveness,
and loving-kindness
that are so often blocked.”

Gigi's Spiritual Retreats are back.
We expect God to refreshen the women who attend, 
and for Him to renew their strength.
Just as we would with wilted flowers:
by cutting the stems again
and placing them in a vase with fresh water.

Is it time for your soul to be refreshed?

Sign up for our 2017 schedule by calling 817.228.1519.

Gigi's Spiritual Retreats

We provide the time and space. God always provides the grace.