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Gwen Gigi Gray: Blog

100 Days With Adonai

Posted on January 23, 2017

So, are you doing the 100 Days with Adonai Project? I just want to add a few points for those who have questions about what to write in your journals.

The purpose of the project is for us to get to know Adonai and His attibutes.
Why is that important? Because He has asked us to allow Him to be our MASTER. That's no small thing.
If we allow Him to be Master, then He has the right to manage our lives.
He can tell us what to do, where to go, when to speak or when to be silent.
He is responsible for our well-being.
When we need food, shelter or clothing, He is the one we go to.
We come to Him first if we have ANY needs.
So, if we are going to surrender
our mind, body, and soul to
Adonai: The God Who Rules,
then we need to be able to trust Him, right?
DIVAS, how can we sincerely trust someone we don't know?
If you're like me, MANY people have tried to rule over you.
They may have wanted the privilege
to rule you, without giving you any benefits.
The relationship was one-sided.
They took your precious gifts from you (time, talents, love, money, looks, virginity...etc),
and never gave you a thing back,
except a few crumbs to keep you in slavery to them.
So how can anyone ask us to trust again?
To trust God,
the Father of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ...
if we don't even know Him?

That's why we created
"100 Days with Adonai, The God Who Rules."

Read one passage each day,
then journal what you have learned about Him.
How does what you've learned make you feel?
Talk it over with God.
Share your true thoughts and feelings with Him.
And at the end of 100 days with Adonai,
see if you can truly trust Him with your life.
Don't worry, He's patient.
GOD bless you, and keep you, DIVAS.

Gwen Gigi Gray