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Gwen Gigi Gray: Blog

100 Days With Adonai

Posted on January 23, 2017

So, are you doing the 100 Days with Adonai Project? I just want to add a few points for those who have questions about what to write in your journals.

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Are You Ready?

Posted on January 19, 2017

Why do we share?
Why do we care?
Why do we open up our lives...
and make ourselves vulnerable?


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What Is A Spiritual Retreat?

Posted on October 26, 2016

“A retreat…
is medicine for soul starvation..."

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Our Small Group Retreats Are Back. :-)

Posted on October 25, 2016

We provide the time & space.
God ALWAYS provides the Grace.

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I Survivived 2015

Posted on March 7, 2015

Today is moving day...

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